Personal Name Domains

Personal Name Domains

Examples of personal domain names for sale, inexpensive, all registered some with google ranking and your web domain to keep.

Commercial Domains

Commercial Domains Commercial Domains for sale, YOUR defined place on the web, somewhere that you can showcase your business, organisation, club etc etc.

Websites For Sale

Websites For Sale

Developed websites, all with a registered domain and for sale as a complete package, includes all website content and if required updates.

Domains for sale from 2020 Name

Firstly let’s get the myth out of the way,

a long-overdue dose of realism, do you think you can make money out of buying and selling domains?


If you're here researching domain names with the intent of making a quick profit (the "get rich quick" motive) then frankly your LATE.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are not new in the dotcom business, quicker thinking and a lot smarter than me and no doubt make a lot of $$$$ in the place we know as the internet.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make money.

We have a number of great Domains For Sale including a large selection of acronyms sometimes refered to as, who know's your company or organization abreviation may be sitting there for a few hundred $$$ just waiting for you.

We also have a NICE selection of personal name dot coms for sale why not make someone a present, where's GT Dad or Mike's Charter, we even have lady names like Susan Conley, where is she, does she want her name, as a dot com.

Imagain that's like having your own street address, and once you buy it, it's YOURS for as long as you want, just pay the nominal annual registration fee usually about $10 and it's your to keep and to do whatever you wish.

Are you ready to buy a Website?

What Type of Web Site Should You Buy?


Information Style

Community or family

Business Directory

Niche subject or specialist product/service.

We LOVE this last catagory, why? Well because it's NICHE, it's not completly covered by all the "experts" and internet "guru's" out there and frankly with time an effort could make a resonable passive income, whilst turning out to be a decent investment in the long run.

This isn't hard work, but consistancy is key.

Websites for sale listed here do not carry any information about current, past or future income, you must do your own research. However ALL the websites listed are on going works in progress and as such their price will increase with development and age.

Examples would be our Jobs (American City) or Loans ( American City) style sites. These sites will increase in price as we develop and add additional value.

So to summarise this part 2020 Name it's staff and associates make absolutly no claims about income potential when selling a web domain or website.

What we will do is take care of you.


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