Personal Name Domains

Personal Name Domains

Examples of personal domain names for sale, inexpensive, all registered some with google ranking and your web domain to keep.

Commercial Domains For Sale

Commercial Domains Commercial Domains for sale, YOUR defined place on the web, somewhere that you can showcase your business, organisation, club etc etc.

Websites For Sale

Websites For Sale

Developed websites, all with a registered domain and for sale as a complete package, includes all website content and if required updates.

Welcome to 2020 Name


Every Website starts with a domain name!!!

Did you think about YOUR domain name yet? 

Most large companies have their own, most radio and television stations have one...heck, your grandmother may even have her own these days. Of course we're talking about domain names.

Welcome to 2020 Name a business that is focused on the internet real estate market.

Music. com or Radio. com, thousands maybe millions of people type those at keywords everyday, just take a look at Google or Facebook for an example. So we just learnt that traffic or visitors is king, the most valuable thing on the internet. On any websites for sale site, this one included what we find are lots of domains for sale and in the case of 2020 Name some nice quality developed websites for sale. The prices start from a few hundred dollars running into a few thousand but nothing around a million dollar or so.  

Here, within you will find not only a large collection of registered and dated domain names but also some premium domain turnkey websites. Site's that are already hosted, some monitized, and most with some sort of Google ranking. 

2020Name have Websites For Sale, a catalogue of available domain names and can provide premium website design and hosting services aimed at businesses that demand a higher standard in their websites performance.

Is it essential to have an online presence?

Well in practical economical terms, a website and a domain is an investment, no different to land and property. If you bought a house or land for income our website could also do the same, 24/7 presenting a passive income, internet real estate or properties can provide monthly income to their owners, while the actual value can also increase. Whether that's for you or not is your decision but ignoring the investment potential, ask yourself if YOU should have a website? 

Web Domains and Websites a necessity?

Whether you buy a domain or a ready built website (and edit the content) a website is a marketing tool, a showcase for your work, a device to attract customers to sell your products/services or to track customer information and data. Your website needs be easy to use by your target audience and the content fresh and enticing to gain attention and visitor interest.

The facts are simple, if you want to buy a domain name or purchase a website the time to do it is right NOW because once it’s gone it"s most likely gone FOREVER.

Good websites are rewarded if they have good quality content and is being rewarded more and more by search engines, advertisers and the usual internet surfer.

We don't sell cheap domain names, we sell inexpensive niche and it a lot of cases with effot easliy developed domain names.

If you buy a website it's already up and running, check it out, not just one front page of blah blah blah...and the usual mix of letters and great but not available picture, no ours are all work in progress. Go try and break it, if you do we will fix it.

Reputation means everything.

Whether you're online or running a cottage industry in your hometown, a website that is faulty or causes users frustration means they don’t or won’t come back. Buying a Website gets you online quickly, are you a working from home? Do you have the time patience and probably weeks it takes to get a site up and running?

Think about that for a moment.

When you order a developed website you can have it up and running within hours in most cases if you want we will organize hosting, (nominal annual charge). Simply put, pick the website you want to purchase, add the website purchase price to the domain for sale price and click buy now. Once you have passed through our secure payment gateway send us a Email and let us get on with setting you up. Should you want more information or wish to submit and offer to purchase a domain name or to discuss domain names for sale feel free to fire us a email, we are very receptive and polite.  

Your own website address, with web hosting services if you want them, whether it be just for e.mail privacy and confidentiality or a family/friends place to interact right up to a full blown commercial website you have to start with a domain name.

or email us at